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Back in 2019 when I was a novice coder, the first application I created was a rudimentary Todo list called ‘strike-list’. This was my headstart at coding, where I first felt the motivation to learn to punch above my weight. Next, I got into generative art and finally ended up writing React and Node applications. These seemingly tiny endeavors helped me land an internship at Devfolio, which ultimately translated into my first full-time role. Since then, although I’ve experienced an immense growth curve professionally, I realized there has been no ‘Proof of work’ to showcase my skills in public.

It was only last year when I left Devfolio while looking for a job, this realization strengthened that what I knew could not be shown to the world. This made me feel a little stagnant, low on confidence and left me in a place of self-doubt. But, I was fortunate to have people like Pragun, Preet, Jivansh and a bunch of other encouraging folks who boosted my confidence. I somewhere felt I needed to get back to my 2019 self, to rekindle the streak of motivation that I had back then.

My firsthand experience is that it is extremely necessary to measure your own progress, to not let self-doubt creep in. Thus, this new website is a tool for me to measure my own growth, as I start to document my learnings and progress. I also plan on writing code snippets, because one of the things that I learned working with Prateek is that you write code for humans to read it clearly, so the best code is that which does’t need an explanation.